1. John Miguel Karlsson
    March 31, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

    Great post on how to build muscle, I agree on that those 3 “legs” are all that is needed.

    How do you get the best results in “building muscle mass” by the way? Do you get it from full body workouts or splits? For me personally, I feel that full body or an upper/lower body split is the most effective.

    I did (before) splits where I worked out the whole body spread out in 4 days but since I have changed my workout routines I have started to gain a lot more mass.


    • Thomas
      April 1, 2016 @ 12:07 am

      Thanks for the comment John,

      Building muscle mass can vary due to the muscle fiber makeup,
      depending on if you have more (type 1) slow twitch or (type 2) fast twitch muscle fibers,
      if you have more slow twitch, your muscles will react better to high volume training,
      fast twitch – your muscles will react better to heavy weight low rep training.

      Im the same as you full body, or upper lower split works best for building mass but
      I personally do full body training most of the time, but this is due to my martial arts training.
      I don’t really train for mass, I train for stamina and power, and I have to maintain my fight weight
      and stay under 85KG.

      It’s good that you have already found out what works best for you, Once you find out what work best for your
      muscle types you can adapt your workouts around that,
      If you want to keep growing you have to keep challenging your muscles every workout.
      and eating enough food to grow of course 😀


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