what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life

What is Happiness?

what is happiness about?

Happiness in its purest form is, being content in all aspects of your life,

Happiness is a state of mine, it is how you perceive the way your life is going compared to how you think your life should be

Watch this short and powerful video below by Mo Gawdat: giving the correct answer to is the glass half full or half empty question.

how to be happy in life

Going out and having fun is good at the time because you forget about all of your problems and worries, but once the good time is over are you sill happy and content with your life or do you think you are being short changed?

Happiness is a state of mind, if you think bad thoughts and think thing’s in life happen to you instead of things happening for you, this can start to put you in a bad mood, thinking everyone and everything is out to get you, this can lead to the opposite of happiness (sadness) or even depression.

If you start to feel sad or you can simply change this emotion by following these 5  steps

  1. -Stand up tall
  2. -Look up
  3. -Shoulders back
  4. -Put your hand in the air
  5. -Smile

It may sound dumb, but when you look at someone that is sad or depressed they tend to hunch up, look down at the ground, drop their shoulders generally just slump around.

what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life

By doing the 5 simple steps above, it can stop you from feeling sad, because it is hard to be sad when your body is in a positive expressive state

This, of course, is a temporary fix If you are really sad or depressed this may change your mood for a few seconds or minutes, hopefully, enough time to give you something more positive to think about
(If you suffer from severe depression I would suggest you seek professional help)I am not a doctor.

1st of all try and get out of your head, try and stop thinking about the things that are making you sad, this is not always easy but it is something we have to do,

If you can’t stop thinking about the thing making you sad in a different way for example,
I will take a real example from my life here

“When I was younger, I crashed my car at 90MPH into a fence and a lamp lost the car flipped a few times and also took out 3 trees and landed on its roof, I spent the night in jail, then I lost my job lost my car and got banned from driving for 22 months, not to mention the £800 fine” all within the space of a few days

what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life

Before the crash

what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life

After the crash


There are 2 ways you can look at this A positive way or a negative way

The negative way!  you can think, oh no I have lost my job, lost my car and my license what the hell am I going to do now, and sit there and dwell on it


positive way

You can think – Yeah, I lost all that stuff in a short span of time, but I am still alive, I could be dead right or in hospital with severe injuries, I was very lucky,

what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life what is happiness about?, how to be happy in life

not only was I not dead but I had no injuries whatsoever only a small scratch on my arm,

I can always get a new job, I didn’t really like that job anyway, I can make more money and buy a new car

The only thing that got to me a bit was being banned from driving, but hey, it was only 22 months, not a lifetime ban I didn’t go to jail to do hard time, so this was the positive side 😀

I have always been quite a positive thinker and focus on the positive things in any situation instead of dwelling on the negative, this had lead to me having a good happy life, despite all of the things I have been through (And I have been through a lot)

But there are always people that have been through a hell of a lot more than I have and still manage to look on the bright side of life and manage to turn thing around no matter how bad things look.

Ultimately, if you want to live a happy life you will have to see the good and the bad in any situation but focus on the good, the positives not the negatives.

True happiness can only be achieved when your reality of life meets your expectations of life in all aspects of life

To do this you can either work harder to achieve what you think you deserve, lower your expectation to meet your current situation, or do a combination of both,

The closer your reality is to your expectation of life the happier you will be for my I like to focus on the big 3, (Health, Wealth, and Relationships) there is also spiritual, but not everyone is spiritual and you can live a happy life if you achieve a start of contentment and balance with the big 3  (Health, Wealth, and Relationships)

Everything about happiness can be covered in 1 blog post but I hope this is a good start and brings some incite into your life

 If you have any questions just ask and I will get back to you ASAP

Wish you all a long and happy life