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In 2010, I was a broke adult college student with a girlfriend in hospital after brain surgery,

I had to quit my part-time job because it was all too much for me at the time.

This is when I found out that I could make money online,
keep going to college and visit my girlfriend in hospital, every day.

This was a Huge Help!

Now I want to pass on what I have learned over the years both in college
and online so you to can make your life better and 

Avoid all the scams and mistakes I made over the years. 

A little Bit more about me 

Hi my name is Thomas Ydell I was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1982,I lived in a small 2 bedroom council flat with my Mom, dad and later my little brother

We did not have a lot of money growing up only what my dad brought into the house as a self-employed painter and decorator.

When I left school I got a job as a construction laborer for 2 year’s before I managed to get myself a plumbing apprenticeship with Glasgow city council.

When I qualified I worked as a plumber until the recession hit and the construction industry in the UK went down hill big time.

Jobless for 2 years I started to put on weight and could not find a job, so I decided I would go back to college and become a personal trainer, this way I could get back into shape and hopefully find another job.

During my college course I was living with my girlfriend at the time and working a part time delivery job to make ends meet, then my girlfriend was diagnosed with a chiari malformation and she had to under go  a foramen magnum decompression (brain surgery)

She was in hospital, for 6 months, So I had to give up my part time job and divide my time up between college and hospital visits once or twice per day.

This is when I looked into making money online as a physical job was too much at the time.

I started making a little money at first doing affiliate marketing and selling other people’s produces online, This gave me enough money to pay the bills and continue my college course.

Fast forward to today my girlfriend now my fiancee is doing well, we live in a big house with the kids and I now make a full time living from online marketing.

Now I can just stay home with my fiancee and kids and make money, I only do plumbing work for family and friends free of charge, and personal training and martial arts as a hobby.